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My Opinions on The Civil War

Most people in the USA when asked about the war will normally say-"Yea, I learned about that in school...Its when the North fought the South over slavery, right?". Well, no...It was a lot more than that...

The Causes

As I mentioned before, many people believe that slavery caused the war. That was only one of the many causes. Other causes included states rights and the many taxes put on the South. In fact most people in the South could not even afford to buy slaves. So dont judge the South until you know the truth.

Why the South lost

The South did not lose because it wasnt as good as the North. In fact the South had better generals and leaders, better cavalry, and had lots of emotion that kept them fighting. You would fight very bravely too if people were trying to take away your lifestyle and land. They did lose because of three things-(1)The government was very weak because of just starting out.(2)The South had shortages of men and food.(3)Their economy was crashing.

My Favorite Generals!

I have three favorite generals. (1)General Robert E. Lee (2)Major General Winfield Scott Hancock (3)General Nathan Bedford Forrest