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Introduction to the War Between the States

When people think about war today they usually think of World War II and Vietnam. These were wars fought outside our own borders in the cities of Europe and the jungles of Southeast Asia. They were important. Many brave soldiers died, but these wars weren't the most costly wars in history. No, more men died in our own fields and forests then the Revolution, War of 1812, Mexican war, World War I, World War II, Vietnam, and Desert Storm COMBINED. In this war men fought their own fathers, brothers, and sons. Over 620,000 were killed and over 1 million wounded. This war was the Civil War. Its battles turned peaceful settings into slaughtering fields where men struggled and died for a cause they thought was right. It lasted for 4 bloody years and raged from Southern Pennsylvania to the swamps of Florida. Everybody was affected some way by this horrible war. Please honor your ancestors who fought by reading up on this terrible event in our history.


"We Americans have never lost a war!"
From the movie Patton- George Patton's grandfather fought for the South during the Civil war. He was American and he definitly lost a war!



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