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My Favorite Civil War Books!

These are some of the best Civil War books I've read. This includes fiction and non-fiction! It's small now, but I will add more soon. Enjoy!


The Civil War:A Narrative by Shelby Foote-The Bible of all Civil War buffs! Shelby Foote is one of the best writers ever! The book comes in 3 parts-about 1000 pages each! Pretty long but excellent info.

The Civil War Infantryman by Gregory Coco- If you want to know everything about life in battle and in camp this book is for you! Everything from equipment types to 2 recipes on how to cook hardtack is listed here!

Another good source of info are personal memoirs and regimental histories. Though too numerous to list here, they're worth checking out at your local library!


Killer Angels by Micheal Shaara-The timeless classic on the struggle at Gettysburg. Also made into the 1993 movie-Gettysburg

Gods and Generals by Jeff Shaara-The prelude to Killer Angels.

The Last Full Measure by Jeff Shaara-The sequel to Killer Angels.