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The Battles of the Civil War

This is the most complete list of the battles I know of. If something is missing that you feel is important, please e-mail me with the suggestion. The list includes the major battles and most of the medium ones. Begins in April 1861 and ends May 26, 1865. Enjoy.



April 12-Bombardment of Fort Sumter(SC)

July 21-First Battle of Bull Run(Manassas, VA)

August 10-Battle of Wilson's Creek(MO)

October 21-Battle of Ball's Bluff(VA)

November 7-Battle of Belmont(MO)


January 19-Battle of Mill Springs(Ky)

February 6-Fight for Fort Henry(KY)

February 16-Fight for Fort Donelson(KY TN?)

March 7-8-Battle of Pea Ridge(AR)

March 9-Battle of The Merrimack and the Monitor

March 23- Battle of Kernstown(VA)(Valley Campaign)

April 6-7-Battle of Shiloh(TN)

May 8-Battle of McDowell(VA)

May 23-Battle of Front Royal(VA)

May 25-First Battle of Winchestor(VA)

May 31-June 1-Battle of Seven Pines(VA)

June 8-9-Battles of Cross Keys and Port Republic

June 25-July 1-Seven Days Battle(VA)

August 9-Battle of Cedar Mountain(VA)

August 29-30-Second Battle of Bull Run(VA)

September 14-Battle of South Mountain(MD)

September 15-Jackson captures Harpers Ferry(VA)

September 17-Battle of Antietam(MD)

September 19-Battle of Iuka(Miss)

October 4-Battle of Corinth(Miss)

October 8-Battle of Perryville(Ky)

December 13-Battle of Fredricksburg(VA)

December 31-Battle of Murfreesboro(TN)


May 1-Battle of Port Gibson(Miss)

May 1-4-Battle of Chancellorsville(VA)

May 12-Battle of Raymond(Miss)

May 18-July 4-Seige of Vicksburg(Miss)

July 1-3- Battle of Gettysburg

September 19-20-Battle of Chickamauga(GA)

November 24-25-Battles of Lookout Mounatin and Missionary Ridge(TN)


February 20- Battle of Olustee(FL)

March 13-May ?-Red River Campaign(LA)

May 5-6-Battle of The Wilderness(VA)

May 8-21- Battle of Spotslvania(VA)

May 13-Battle at Resaca(GA)

May 15-Battle of New Market(VA)

May-25-29-Battle at New Hope Church(GA)

June 1-3-Battle of Cold Harbor(VA)

June 10-Battle at Brice Crossroads(Miss)

June 18-Seige of Petersburg begins(VA)

June 27- Battle of Kennesaw Mountain(GA)

July 15-Battle of Tupelo(Miss)

July 20-Battle of Peachtree Creek(GA)

July 22-Battle of Atlanta(GA)

July 30-Battle of the Crater(VA)

August 1-Battle of Mobile Bay

September 2-Sherman occupies Atlanta(GA)

September 19-Second Battle of Winchestor(VA)

October 19-Battle of Cedar Creek(VA)

October 19-CSA raiders attack St. Albans(VR)

Nobember 15-Sherman's March to the Sea begins

November 30-Battle of Franklin(TN)


March 19-Battle of Bentonville(NC)

April 1-Battle of Five Forks(VA)

April 2-Grant takes Petersburg and Richmond(VA)

April 6-Battle of Saylor's Creek(VA)

April 9-Lee surrenders ANV at Appomattox(VA)

April 14-Lincoln killed

April 26-Johnston surrenders to Sherman in Durham(NC)

May 4-Taylor surrenders last army east of Miss. River

May 13-Last battle of the war at Palmito Ranch(TX)

May 26-Smith surrenders CSA Trans-Mississippi Army, ending the Civil War.


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